Tuesday, October 18, 2005

embodied imprinting task: changes and results

here's an update on the embodied imprinting task.

(1) objects now fall from same offset always: why? because (i) it was becoming too difficult to evolve and (ii) it was making analysis of evolved agents harder. More generally we can safely say that different offsets are not adding anything in particular to this task, at least so far.
(2) networks are not symmetrically constrained: why? the circles fall straight above from the agent so symmetric agents would need a symmetry breaker. having a non-symmetrically constrained agent makes it easier because (i) there's no need for a symmetry breaking mechanism and (ii) the agent can use more 'dimensions' to solve the task - it can actually make the task easier by being able to use both sides of the object.
(3) sensor and motor nodes are now reactive (time-constant = time-step of integration): why? basically (i) sensor and motor nodes can act as place holders given that the truly recurrent and interesting bit is in the inter-nodes anyway, (ii) makes evolved network easier to analyse and (iii) makes for slightly faster simulations.

results so far :
have left 10 runs on star cluster and 4 on my machine, this last ones evolved towards ~80% of fitness after 500 gens - much better than any previous result, but with plenty room for improvement.


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