Thursday, October 13, 2005

meeting with advisor

met with my advisor today for an hour and a half and talked to another member of faculty yesterday for a couple of minutes all which has left me incredibly inspired to continue the things i'm working on... if anything faster! my advisor was very excited about both projects: (a) imprinting and (b) minimal controllers.

regarding project (a) the plan is: (1) profile the code so as to optimise* as much as possible, (2) add trivial-1D-geographical-demes to microbial GA (in hopes of being favoured by the gods) and (3) change a couple of parameters, including range of sizes of the radi of circles to [10,20], so as to make the kick-start of a solution ever-more-likely. all of which means everything else including my implementation of the 'zen approach' sounded reasonably well to him - that's not generally easy to accomplish in itself.

regarding project (b) ezequiel suggested a number of things which i will mention in a next post.

in theory, whatever results come out first (or come out at all), will be considered for an alifeX paper (ahhhhh.. submission deadline in around three weeks!!!)

despite common sense, i managed to have had my arm twisted to do alergic, next week!, in exchange of not having to do seminars.. it shouldn't be too much work given that it will be mostly based on what i presented in elio tuci's workshop with whatever update i may have by then, which i fear i can't promise there need be any update at all.

finally, i have to mention (as a reminder to myself) that i also need to do the corresponding planning for the next activate.d sessions.. i've thought of a couple of topics that would be quite appropriate.. but haven't pinned any down so far.

* regarding optimisation:
(i) non-optimised => -O3 (~58% time saved)
(ii) exp() in sigmoid => look-up table (~36% time saved)
(iii) added geography (at less than 6% time cost).. ?

update: 10 evolutionary runs have been left in the linux cluster overnight (pop=50, rep=50, gens=400, ~14 hours) and 2 runs on my machine should be done by the time i arrive tomorrow (pop=50, rep=50, gens=1000, ~12hours)... fingers very much crossed for anything to go above 60% fitnes.. ?


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