Thursday, October 27, 2005

writing up

have been quite busy writing up the paper for alifeX. the results are there and look reasonably nice - more importantly they convey exactly what I want to say, which is: the evolution of learning behaviour from a continuum of features in the environment using dynamical 'neural' networks without explicitly building in weight-changing mechanisms and actually with no weight-changing allowed whatsoever. the interest in this work is in the analysis of how such learning behaviour can be produced from the interaction of the agent embedded in its body with its environment. what role do the internal dynamics play? what role does the body play? and what role does the interaction with the environment play? the paper should be ready soon! fingers crossed.

teacher training has been very time consuming. a need to remember to do a number of assignments in order to practice what we have learned as well as to get the accreditation for the course, all after submission for alife. one cool thing that i realised today, although obvious, is that all this reflecting (for example this blog) about the things that I'm doing and the activities that i am carrying out is very beneficial for my development, in general - or at least my development in the things that i am writing about. my research. my teaching. let's see..

i have decided to leave the evolving minimal controllers point with the circle-diamond discrimination task for slightly later. either directly for a journal with added explanations or for SAB coming up in march. this means i may not pick this work up until january.

a lot of talk about embodiment and what it means to be embodied and what it is that 'embodimentalists' stand for, etc, etc, in the philosophical discussion group at uni. although i find it bearable i don't think they are getting anywhere.

have joined simon's first session on the discussion of whether AI is or can be of any help to developing nations. although i'm obviously no expert, my questions and interest were mainly with regards to what it means to be developed and whether what we want is to help develop countries or help them in their developing. the first issue is related with whether being developed means being faster/stronger/bigger at the things the country does or whether being developed means actually being smarter, living a more balanced way of life, taking the bike instead of a car, this sort of things. The second issue is with regards to the way of helping. there's two ways of helping. the two that I mention are quite different from each other. in the first scenario you develop them, and they are left more needy and dependent, thus for me less developed. whereas in the second scenario, they are capable of doing things on their own.


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