Monday, November 07, 2005

Alergic talk Wed 9th Nov, 16:30 in ARUN-401

I will present:
Learning on a Continuum in Evolved Dynamical Node Networks: an Imprinting Scenario

Conventionally, learning behaviour has been associated with the modification of neural network's parameters (e.g. synaptic weights). A more integrated view of learning behaviour has been presented where the agent's behaviour and the modification of the behaviour are both generated by the same dynamical systems controller. All of the work (so far) in this field, however, involves learning behaviour as swapping between, in practice, n (eg 2) different modes of interaction according to which environment the agent finds itself in. There's a different form of learning behaviour that involves having to act differently according to features from a continuum in the environment. This latter form is also related to the ability to cope with never-before-experienced scenarios. A good example of which is parental imprinting in birds. This talk will provide results being submitted to the Alife X conference on the evolution and analysis of embodied and situated agents in a task loosely inspired on imprinting-like behaviour.

Link to the slides in PDF


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