Tuesday, November 01, 2005

conferences ahead

you know you don't have a proper life when you haven't finished the paper that it's due in roughly 5 days and you are already excited about another submission deadline 3, 4 months away. anyway, amazingly appropriate conference for further work along this line will come soon! international conference on development and learning (ICDL), chaired by linda smith and running almost in parallel to alifeX. very exciting! hope to extend my work to address more developmental questions by then. deadline is for feb. 06. 2006.

another conference will be due a month away from ICDL. one where the work that i've left behind with regards to evolving minimal controllers will definitely be picked up. this is the simulation of adaptive behavior / from animal to animats conference for the 20th of march, 2006.

yes. a lot of writing up. still onto it. 80% there.. title: 'learning on a continuum on evolved dynamical node networks'. link to first complete draft coming soon.


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