Thursday, December 01, 2005

Even more efforts to move away from the curse of GOFAI!!!!

Many of the 'cognitively interesting' tasks that we design remain to be greatly influenced by GOFAI. Furthermore, it may be the case that the more GOFAI they are the more cognitively interesting they seem. Which is obviously utterly stupid.
Evolutinary robotics, and artificial life in general, has the chance, philosophically, conceptually and technically, to change this, and so we must.
This is particularly the case in experiments involving learning. They generally involve discrete signals, discrete experimenter-determined phases, and evaluations that presume that things like a 'decision' needs to be discrete.
A good example of how agents' decisions need not be discrete is the case of the circle-diamond discriminating agent who as it moves in time it makes up its mind and changes its decision and so on back and forth until it actually catches or avoids.
Tasks can be further improved to encourage this type of analysis and understanding by making learning (and in general any other cognitive) tasks more dynamical, more interactive, more situated, and less GOFAI. More on this later, definitely.


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