Sunday, February 05, 2006

deciding on tasks to be evolved and analysed

Deciding on which tasks to evolve and analyse agents on as soon as possible will allow me to work on the interesting bits (see bellow) sooner and longer. For this reason I will sketch ahead (in brief only) the range of tasks that I have in mind. They are all to do with evolving learning behaviour and they involve (I argue) minimally cognitive behaviours. I will attempt to provide motivation and the ups and downs of each one later on.

[1] The first is an abstract disembodied scenario requiring the agent to learn from a continuum the first frequency and then recall which frequency is the same as given before.
[2] The second one is a circle/diamond/bar discrimination task, where the agent must discriminate differently according to which was presented previously.
[3] The last one, is a circle size discrimination task, where again the agent must be imprinted with the first.

These tasks are interesting because they involve memorisation behaviour as well as decision making.

Chosing the tasks will allow me to focus on:
(i) Studying how the agents evolve and what can be done to facillitate this process. In particular, there is much work still to be done with studying nearly neutral networks in the evolution of continuous-time dynamical systems (cf. my master thesis). I should be able here to develop the evolutionary techniques for synthetising agents capable of adaptive behaviour.
(ii) IN-DEPTH (cf. phattanasri) understanding of evolved networks. For each task, the best evolved network should be analyzed such that all of its behaviour is fully understood. I should be able here to develop the dynamical system tools for analysis of the mechanisms underlying adaptive behaviour.

Having this should allow me to work out the outline of my thesis.


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