Tuesday, February 28, 2006

in their shoes

I have been terribly busy with the Journal of Adaptive Behavior special issue that Fernando and I are editing. This issue is based on work from our ECAL2005 workshop. I must say that the issue is looking very good and most importantly we should be wrapping up this work very soon. The complete process has been incredibly draining and time-consuming but the experience has been undeniably fruitful. Putting myself in the place of the reviewers has proven to be an excellent academic exercise because it gives me a very good notion of how to improve the writing of my own papers - which things to do and which things not to. Particularly when comparing my reviews of somebody’s work with the reviews made from other (more experienced) researchers in the field.


At 2:14 am, Blogger eldan said...

I must admit I'm quite envious. Just reviewing a couple of papers has been a very educational experience for me, but this sounds like a great opportunity to see more of the process that goes into putting a journal issue together, and learn from it.


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